5 Engagement Ring Alternatives You Should Consider Giving To Your Loved One

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Proposing marriage in the Philippines is an entirely different concept as compared in Western culture. Noong unang panahon, and maybe until today, the parents discuss marriage and wedding plans on behalf of the couple during pamamanhikan. Nowadays, Filipino couples, or at least partners who offer marriage, combine the concept of pamamanhikan and marriage proposal. Whether you propose in public, or at home, the offer of marriage is now done in the presence of family and friends.

And then there’s the engagement ring. This token often comes with either a single, or multiple diamond stones, if you’re that guy who loved Elizabeth Taylor.

But instead of spending thousands of pesos for a piece of jewelry, why not try these equally heartwarming gestures instead? These five alternatives can be acquired either in full or in downpayment, just in time for Valentine’s Day:

5. A car


Sure, it sounds tacky, but given the horrendous traffic commuters face in Metro Manila everyday, your loved one might consider this as a sweet gesture. More so if the new set of wheels you buy her give out a hint that you wanted to start a family ASAP.

But do consider this option if you know that your loved one loves the open road and absolutely enjoys joyrides and weekend road trips with you. Otherwise, it would look like you’re buying the car for yourself.

4. A note or a receipt saying that your loved one’s utang has been fully paid


Many Filipinos are breadwinners, with some often tasked to pay off family debt (i.e., tuition loans, sangla lupa). If your partner happens to be one of them, she wouldn’t mind you helping her out from her payables. It’ll also convince your partner to take the plunge and have a fresh start with you. Just make sure that you know your partner well enough to know that she is not the type who hooks up with people for money.

3. A couple itinerary to your partner’s dream destination


Most couples often have that one trip that they cherish the most and remember the rest of their lives. Whether its that Europe backpacking trip or a hike to the tallest mountain range in the world, these trips offered a unique, bonding experience.

2. A pet


(Photo sourced from Sovereign Kennel/Facebook)

What’s a more heartwarming gesture than to offer a loved one a chance to co-parent an adorable being? You can either adopt a pet that your partner has been Googling for years from a breeder, or rescue one from a local animal shelter.

Going through the adoption process might take a little bit of patience and requires responsibility. Nonetheless, taking in a pet opens you and your future spouse to experiences that would help you build teamwork as a married couple.

1. Keys to your future home

house key

Giving your future spouse a home is now seen as a practical and valid symbol of a person’s love. Owning a house together further strengthens relationships as couples commit themselves to completing mortgage payments, which technically is a lifetime thing.

Kathleen Murray, deputy editor of online bridal magazine The Knot, was quoted as saying,

I hear modern brides saying, ‘I don’t want the engagement ring. I want the house.’

On Jezebel.com, Hillary Crosley Coker also wrote,

…If we were already shacked up (and he presented a house I knew I’d want to live in), I would be thrilled about swapping a ring for a place to lay my head.

The downpayment and the succeeding amortizations increases the house’s equity, which could cover major milestones in your married life like home improvements, tuition for your future childrens’ college education, or a party for your 20th wedding anniversary.

Wouldn’t that be enough to convince her to marry you already?


(GIF image sourced from a “The Wedding Singer”/New Line Cinema YouTube Clip.)

We’d love to read a sneak peek of your Valentine’s Day proposal plans! Share them by leaving a comment below.

(SOURCE: https://www.zipmatch.com/blog/engagement-ring-alternatives/)

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