Questions to Ask When Searching Condo For Rent in Taguig

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Many people want a condo for rent in Taguig to be close to work. Taguig is one of the busiest business districts in the Philippines, after all, and many offices, shopping centers, and world class hospitals are situated in the area. This is why many families choose to rent a condo in the area instead of renting homes or apartments farther away.

Looking for a condo can be quite daunting if you don’t know what to check and what to look for. It’s essential to equip yourself with the right questions to ask when searching for a condo for rent in Taguig.

Is the condo fully furnished?

When you rent a fully furnished condo, you can use all the furniture and appliances that come with the unit. This includes the television, oven, washing machine, air conditioning units, and the refrigerator—plus the sofa, bed, dining table, etc. Renting a fully furnished condo relieves you of the pain of buying new appliances. The downside is the cost. A furnished condo usually costs thousands more monthly than a bare condo unit.

What are the condo’s amenities?

The basic advantage of living in a condo is security and access to luxury amenities. Unlike apartments or home rentals, a condo has a security guard on-duty 24/7. You are protected against possible burglary and break-ins.  Added features of living in a condo include the use of swimming pools, gyms, and running paths within the vicinity. Ask the owner if you as a renter can have access to all these amenities.

Do you have a contract?

To safeguard your rights as a tenant, you need to ask for a binding contract. Read through the whole agreement and ask as many questions as you can about the transaction. Know all about the penalties, benefits, and duration of the lease.

Do you allow pets?

Some condos for rent in Taguig do not allow animals in the unit. If you are bringing your pet, be sure to ask about applicable policies.

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