What Condos For Rent Can Offer You

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With so many ‘Manila condo for rent’ advertisements popping up left and right, one might wonder if condo living truly is the better option. Should you rent a condo or look for a traditional house or apartment for rent instead? To settle this issue, it will be helpful to look at both the pros and cons of renting a condo unit in Manila.

Comfort and convenience

The best thing that condo living can offer is comfort and convenience. When you are renting, the owner of the condo unit is responsible for the maintenance and repairs. It’s easier than ever to move into a fully furnished unit with every essential thing you need. By living in a condo, you and your family can also enjoy amenities such as a pool, gym, and a kids’ playground.


Condominiums in Manila are strategically built in areas that are near malls, financial districts, and universities. Since you are just minutes away from these important locations, you don’t have to waste precious time stuck in heavy traffic. You can get to your appointments and meet your clients on time—while enjoying enough sleep daily.


Aside from security guards who are one call away, condominiums are also equipped with safety systems that protect the whole building. Smoke detectors and home automated systems are installed and can be requested from the owner before moving.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of condo living is that aside from the rental and utility fees, the management can also charge you for the maintenance fee or monthly association dues. Make sure that this is already included in the rent; otherwise, make room for it in your budget.

Are you ready to move into a condo for rent? Search for one in a reputable property site. There, you can easily find a suitable condo unit near your office that suits your budget.

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