8 Smart Condo Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

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by DMCI Homes Leasing on July 18, 2014 | Categories: Condo Advice and Tips, Home Improvement

When it comes to the condominium that you’ve always wanted, you’re always on the lookout for storage spaces. You look at your entire condo space and you’re happy with it. You’re all set to unload your stuff and see which items go in your condo space. But you get overwhelmed with lots of stuff that you brought and wonder, “How on earth will I be able to fit in and organize all of my stuff?” Or have you wished to design and organize it to make your small condo space bigger?

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There’s no need to fret, as your condo concerns can be solved by a dash of creativity that can bring about great results. With the right steps and easy DIY hacks, you’re sure to maximize every space of your condo in no time. All you need to do is relax and utilize every space in the best way possible. And how can you achieve this? Take a look at 8 of our smart organizing and storage hacks for your modest condo spaces.

1. Mind the Gap

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Ever wondered how you can store all your cookbooks, magazines, comic books, or your kid’s toys without having to pile them all up inside numerous boxes? You can create a partial wall which can also serve as a bookcase. Not only that, it can bridge the kitchen and your living room so that the room’s division is clear.

2. Peg It at Your Kitchen Pegboard

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Having a small space in your condo doesn’t mean you have to settle for a small kitchen space. Emma Chapman shares that you can utilize the available space for your kitchen by having a vertical pegboard where you can hang your kitchen tools. Use a white pen to outline each item for added creativity. You can hang your pegboard at the kitchen or at the dining area which can also serve as a wall decor for your next home designs. Doing this can free up ample space in your kitchen cabinets for other items that you need to store.

3. Bucket Hits for Scattered School Supplies

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Scattered crayons, pencils, and markers are totally not appealing to the eyes, especially if it is all over your floor and living room table. If you’re always worried on the clutter your child makes, especially if he’s doing his homework or creating some doodles in his coloring book, why not store all of these in your handy, silver buckets? This will help you organize your kid’s art materials. Label which items go in each bucket for easy organizing and plan this as your next space-saving DIY container project. And you can simply hang them in your bars so the items won’t spill over and to maximize condo storage space.

4. Mirror, Mirror Hang My Accessories on Your Hidden Wall

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Your mirror can also have a dual purpose: storing your accessories behind its hidden wall. Don’t be surprised if you are able to hide all of your accessories behind your mirror since this can be a decorative storage container that you can be proud of. You can get a simple jewelry storage with mirror set with side drawers so you can easily get your accessories while fixing yourself in front of the mirror. No need to reach for your drawers and cabinets to spend time looking for that special jewelry to match your outfit.

5. Tuck your Things Under Your Seat

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If you need to store toys of your kids, especially those that are bulky, why not store them in colorful baskets as your condo containers? Baskets are one of the most common storage solutions and are very handy and can go underneath your sofa, table, or even your bed. You can choose from a plastic or a wooden basket depending on your preference for your space organizer. Plus, you can even use these baskets to store other items that you need to hide underneath.

6. A Tiny Vertical Garden Teeming with a Dozen of Herbs

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Missing the green thumb in your parent’s house? You can still have that in your condo despite the small space. Incorporate ways to set up a vertical garden to add a greener touch to your condo. You can start with one pot growing different kinds of herbs. Not only that, you can also grow edible herbs that you can use for your daily cooking. By installing a vertical garden, you can enhance visual appeal of your condo through your plants. Doing so also allows you to have a natural medicine cabinet since you can get a few mint leaves to inhale a very soothing aroma that gives off a warm sensation for those having headaches or sniffles.

7. Monochromatic Mini Office for A+ Appeal

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Add a touch of monochromatic colors to your desired office space in your condo to give the illusion of a wider and tidier space. The best part? You need not fuss about matching colors anymore, especially if you’re not so confident about your inner designer gut feel. Feel free to pick a color scheme that you like for your condo designs. For example, yellow or orange can enhance inspiration. Going for green can help you get a relaxing vibe. Be sure to throw in an accent piece for that extra oomph—a rug, or a light stand or even your office chair will do.

8. Pull-out Beds and Drawers for Superb Space Savers

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Beds are not just only for sleeping, they can be your life saver for storage spaces as well. Get hold of storage beds with pull-out drawers so you can store clothes instead of placing all of them in your cabinet. There’s also no need to worry about a house guest who will spend the entire night with you since you can already store their stuff in your empty cabinet since most of your stuff are already hidden in your bed’s pull-out drawers.

Smarter Space is Sexier

Being able to maximize your condo space with your organized items makes you feel smarter, more efficient with your daily task and can help you discover your design aesthetics. Specifically, you can opt to go for minimalist designs to be able to have a unique design for your condo. A small condo space is the best space to look at because it makes you feel proud of your home, helps you think clearly, and makes you feel relaxed and at home in your own personal space. Don’t let small condo designs hinder you from creatively organizing and maximizing available space for you and your family.

Do you have your own condo space saver tip and storage ideas? Feel free to share it so that other condo dwellers can also organize and maximize their spaces, the smart way.

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