8 Frugal Ways to Help You Set Up Your Condo Space

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by DMCI Homes Leasing on July 24, 2014 | Categories: Condo Advice and Tips, Home Improvement

Moving in to your new condo can be one of the best feelings in the world. Your efforts have finally paid off and you can proudly live in your own condo in the Philippines. New beginnings call for new opportunities for a new chapter in your life: living in a condo. After you buy a condo, you also need to consider putting items and stuff that will enhance your everyday condo living.

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Thinking of the possible expenses for your condo design might give you that uneasy feeling especially the thought of prices going up for the stuff that you need for your condo. Some say that city living, particularly condo living, is expensive. But with the right skills and attitude of a condo dweller, you can still live the thrift way without compromising your appeal and stylish preferences for your condo. Worry no more, as we are about to present you 8 frugal solutions to decorate your condo so you won’t make those ATM visits more often than needed.

1. You Can Never Go Wrong with a Sale

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The boom in real estate in the Philippines has allowed different home design businesses to thrive as well. Whether it is a yard sale, a garage sale or a discount store, you’re sure to find great deals in these sales. There are great stuff that you can find in these stores for your home design needs; you just have to be keen in finding them. A helpful tip: not all great things should be bought brand new. You just need a knack for bargains.

2. Have a Budget-Friendly Bedroom

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your condo. But that doesn’t mean that you need to spend all the way just to make it look fabulous. One of the cheap ways to decorate your condo is by using hand-me-down furniture for your budget-friendly bedroom. Talk to your family or friends if they have old furniture that you can use before buying a brand new item for your bedroom. For example, you can add a much fresher look for your old vintage bed by just painting it with a new coat to suit your preferred bedroom style. If you don’t know what to put against your empty bedroom condo wall, why not add your collection of photographs or artwork to add a unique feel for your bedroom?

3. Feel Artsy with your Artwork

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If you’re looking at a particular way to address your condo interior design problems, adding an artwork can really help in putting that creative feeling in your condo. If you have time, you can make your own artwork with a stroke of paint and hang it into your living room as your DIY condo decor. No need for buying expensive paintings from the local art store. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once you see how your artwork matches the general design of your condo. As an additional tip, you can get latest photos of your interests via the internet, say travel destinations, to help you be more inspired whenever you glance at them.

4. Make Use of Repurposed Furniture

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Gone are the days when old furniture are just being thrown away to make way for new ones that cost a hefty price tag. The trend now is by creatively repurposing furniture to make it look like brand new again and seeing alternate ways on how to use them. For example, a chair that is likely to collapse can still serve as a bedside table. Just by repainting it, the chair can serve as a bedside table that can hold either a lamp, a book, or your alarm clock. Find ways on how you can better utilize repurposed furniture without having to open your wallet every now and then.

5. Expand Room Space with Mirrors

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Condo space varies depending on the location and type of condo unit that you have availed of. Make small condo space look bigger by installing a large mirror to expand small spaces and rooms in your condo. Be sure that it is at least three-fourths as tall as your condo wall to get the desired effect. This is a classic trick by decorators to be able to expand room space, thanks to the reflection of mirrors.

6. Sofa Covers will Do the Trick

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Your sofa is one of the easily noticed piece of furniture in your condo living room. There’s no need to buy a new one for your living room to stand out. Having a stylish sofa cover will do the trick of upgrading its look and it also saves money on your pocket as well. You can even opt to make your own sofa cover with the help of your handy sewing machine.

7. Stand Out with Your Wall Stickers

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Your walls play a huge role in your condo space since it can either show your knack for design and preferences. Surely, you don’t want it to be just plain-looking with a single coat of paint. Install wall stickers for major impact on your condo space. They make your guests focus on what you want to say or your interests. Aside from the ease of applying it in just a few minutes, it comes with a friendly price.

8. Manage Space with Organizers

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Effectively manage your condo space by using low-cost galvanized bins, boxes and canvas baskets for your condo storage. The canvas baskets also help you keep organized by its convenient slide-in feature. You can also use creative tags for proper labelling. All in all, you can save money rather than buying expensive and high-end organizers.

With ideal budget decorating ideas, you’re sure to make your new condo life exciting without having to worry about high costs. These solutions can help you add a personal touch to your condo design without having to shell out a lot of money.

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