8 Security Checks to Ensure Safe Condo Living

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by DMCI Homes Leasing on July 28, 2014 | Categories: Condo Advice and Tips, Home Improvement, Real Estate Industry

The Philippine real estate industry sustained growth in the first quarter of 2013 at an annual rate of 7.8%, as reported in an article in The Oxford Business Group. It indicated that the Asian Development Bank expected another 6% growth for the real estate industry by 2014.

As the trend of condo living in the Philippines subsequently rises, the increased population of condo dwellers do make sure safety is guaranteed in their new home before moving in.

A worry-free living is something everybody longs to have. You live life to the fullest if you’re able to avoid being constantly bombarded by multiple troubles. Of course, you picture yourself staying in your condo on a long-term basis. For this reason, condo security in the Philippines is something you can’t compromise. You can’t afford to overlook something, as doing so may bear subsequent impacts on your future.

So what are the major security checks you need to do before moving in a condo?

1. Check for Smoke Alarms

condo smoke alarm
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A good condo unit guarantees that residents may take extra precautionary measure in keeping themselves safe.

Include a smoke alarm as a must-have in your condo checklist before moving into your new home. It alerts your neighbors about a fire starting in your unit, alarming them to come to your rescue even before you inform them about what’s going on.

Instruct the condo security guards to come to your rescue as your smoke alarm sounds off. Having a smoke alarm provides you with the help that you need before a fire severely breaks out in your unit.

2. Fire Exit Suitability

condo fire exit
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Get rid of your misconceptions about condo living. Double check with your developer to confirm if your condo’s fire exit is wide enough for you to quickly pass through during emergencies.

It will be helpful to have a fire exit in your condo that’s quite easy to open when emergencies strike. An easy-to-use fire exit does a lot in saving many lives that are on the line. If needed, talk to your developer’s admin to better get this preference across. You may also want to look into having a fire extinguisher near the exit to increase your chances for survival.

Check also with your developer if you’re allowed to use a water sprinkler near the fire exit, in addition to the fire extinguisher. This will greatly help your life-saving efforts when a fire accidentally strikes.

3. Do an Intercom Check

condo intercom
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Ask your broker if he will allow you to take a tour in your future condo ahead of time. Check if there’s a way for you to install an alarm system in its intercom. This will enable the condo security guards to give you a buzz during emergencies such as earthquakes or fires.

It can’t hurt either if your intercom comes along with surveillance cameras. These cameras will catch your attention if the condo guard is calling your intercom during emergencies. Make sure the location of the intercom is easily accessible within the unit in case a fire suddenly breaks out. You don’t want to make things harder when disasters strike.

Condo security matters need to transition smoothly after you move in. Don’t hesitate to particularly be conspicuous in checking out everything in your condo before you finally move in.

4. Don’t Forget the Locks and the Doorknobs

condo door knob
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Ask your condo admin representative to check your locks and door knobs with you and demonstrate how they work. Double check if the corridors are equipped with security cameras. Doing so will give you peace of mind that condo guards will be there to give support in case you get stuck trying to open the door after you move in.

Try working through the door knobs and the locks by yourself afterwards. Check if they are secured and does not wobble. Immediately have them replaced through your condo representative if you discover some issues.

Don’t be shy to speak your mind out. Remember that when buying or renting a condo, your safety needs come first before anything else.

5. Beef Up Window Security

condo window
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Enhance window security to avoid condo-related crimes. Before moving in, you may try to check if you can construct a DIY window covering in your condo. You may do this upon confirming your desire to rent or purchase the unit.

Keep condo intruders away with a versatile window covering. Upon approval from your developer, ask your loved ones to help in constructing it. Make sure that the covering is stable and dependable.

6. Test Light Switches

condo light switch
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Condo security works best if you’re able to step out of the ordinary to ensure your safety. If you plan to rent a furnished condo, test the light switches by turning them on and off. If the lights are motion-sensored, test if they’re working as well. Doing so will allow you to tweak your security checklist in choosing the best condo.

Leaving the lights turned on even when nobody is at home helps in tricking intruders. This may scare intruders away by deceiving them that somebody is at home even if nobody’s around.

You don’t have to worry about wasting energy even if you forget to turn the lights off. Motion-sensored lights are energy-efficient which helps you to save power.

7. Study the Floor Plan

condo floor plan
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If you can, hire an architect for a minimal fee who can study your floor plan for you before you move into your new condo. He can give you expert advice on how to easily evacuate the unit in case disasters strike. Equip yourself to the best of your ability by preparing for anything that may happen.

8. Insurance Policy Guarantees Protection

condo family
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If you have an existing condo insurance policy, check if it can cover your new condo. It’s always better to have something to fall back on in case of unexpected turn of events. If your current insurance does not cover your new condo, apply for a policy in a company that will give you the appropriate coverage.

As an increased number of people all over the country heighten their awareness on valuing security, which include condo dwellers, crimes in the Philippines subsequently experience a decline.

The crime rate decline relieved the Philippine National Police (PNP) from dealing with further problems. Aie Balagtas See of The Philippine Star wrote in his article that as of June 2014, crime rate in the country has declined by 50%.

Knowing what are the security items to check in a condo saves you from having to deal with foreseeable problems which can be avoided before they even occur. As a result, enjoying a high-quality condo lifestyle becomes attainable, without compromising your welfare.

Source: https://leasing.dmcihomes.com/ensure-safe-condo-living/

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