Signs Your Condo’s Structure was Well-Planned

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When looking for a condo, it’s good to find one that is well-planned. You’ll want a space that will last you years, thus a well-designed building is your ticket to a great residence. As with some property developers like Megaworld at The Fort, most of the time you’ll get a condo that’s in the pre-construction stage. You’ll be able to ask your agent about the process and get to see everything, from the foundations to the furnishings they use.

Model units are decked with your future apartment’s potential and can even inspire you to figure out what you want to do with the place. But more than the impressive decor, you should also pay attention to the floor plan and condo layout. There are many features of a well-structured condo that people overlook, like its ability to withstand natural disasters and its accessibility to transit. After all, this is going to be your home and investment, not just a showroom.

Make sure that you aren’t getting short-changed into a flimsy residence by paying attention to some important details.

Provisions for Unexpected Events

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Our country is particularly prone to typhoons, which can be a problem when flooding and property destruction are involved. You’ll want a place that’s built on elevated land. Many condo owners were forced to change residences after the super storm Ondoy due to the flood-prone nature of their locations. Good construction plans will also include a fantastic drainage system. If your building is well integrated within municipal waterways, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to wear rain boots every time you head out.

Earthquakes are another major concern for us. Fault lines run through some of the country’s major cities, making construction planning very tricky. Buildings that are made to withstand tremors contain unique innovations in their bases and core structure. You’ll want a place with isolated foundations – struts that do not just extend below the building but anchor it from all sides. This means the building sways with the quake instead of toppling over due to stiff foundation. Buildings that are made to withstand tremors contain unique innovations in their bases and core structure. 

Walls Thicker Than Prosciutto

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This is a classic differentiating feature between a well-built apartment and its shoddy counterpart. Most cheaply constructed condos have nothing but drywall separating you from your neighbor. Unfortunately, you’ll be able to hear everything going on next door and they’ll be able to hear you. You want to look for walls with multiple layers of drywallor other materials that can keep the noise out. If your agent mentions extra drywalls, glue stacking, or vinyl boards, congratulations, you can party all night without complaints from the people next door. If your agent mentions extra drywalls, glue stacking, or vinyl boards, congratulations, you can party all night without complaints from the people next door. 

Names You Can Trust

Don’t be afraid to ask your property developer about the materials that make up your condo and the brands behind them. Chances are if you can recognize these names and associate them with top names in the construction industry, you’re in good hands. If you want to get more in-depth you can look up the individual brands and check their track records. If you ask the right questions, you can even get your agent to tell you how much these companies are involved in construction.

Designed to accommodate your lifestyle

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Location, location, location — this has always been the mantra of real estate. However, aside from the idea that a good location makes for a great residence, what is more important is the environment surrounding your condo. Is it safe and secure? Your place of residence will be your sanctuary, and thus needs the security that you can sleep easy at night.

Also, bring into consideration the distance between your home and your workplace, as well as the places that you most frequent. If you’re a fitness buff, make sure that the neighborhood that you’re moving in is bike- or runner-friendly. If you’re into culture, it pays to move to a township with quick access to museums and art galleries. Having everything near your office and your place means you don’t need to lose hours in traffic.

Your new place will be the rock on which you build your new life, regardless if you’re a newly-wed, a yuppie or a new retiree. Having access to your preferred lifestyle should always be one of the top-of-mind concerns.

When you’re investing your money in something big as a new residence, a little investigation will get you huge returns. Remember that you’re not just looking for some arbitrary space. This condo could be your investment or, more importantly, your new home.

How do you find your condo’s structural plan? What’s your favorite thing about it? Share it with us in the comments!


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